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Back from vacation

November 28th, 2005 at 11:34 pm


Had a good visit with sis and other family folk. Good to see everybody. The kids had tons of energy and we all had a blast at Harry Potter. And -- wonder of wonders! -- all legs of the plane trips went smoothly.

For me, the only spending was food at the airport and a new paperback. Less than 13.00 altogether. Oh, crud -- and the parking fee at the airport (39.00). Hmm...still, all things considered it was a very good week.

Bought my plane tickets for Christmas and for the January meetings, where I hope to have lots of job interviews. Must send out many more apps tomorrow.

Will be feeling the squeeze for the next two weeks. But, I've got almost all of the Xmas shopping done. Just three items left to get.

Saturday catch-up

November 19th, 2005 at 08:55 pm

'allo, all:

A busy week, though not expensive one. Paid several bills. Transferred my 0% cc balance to another card with 0% as the first one's intro period ends soon. Stocked up on the usual TJs pantry goods, so should be good with those for a month or two. Brought lunches and breakfast to work. And occasionally dinner. (Did I mention it's been a BUSY week...?)

Looking forward to going to see my sister and other family next week. It'll be good to see everyone and have a little break from work.

First frost last night! Hopefully I'll be able to keep my heating bills lower this year with the new 'curtains' and putting duct tape around the window edges.

Recorded financial things in the "All Your Worth" excel file someone kind person posted here. (Many thanks!) It was great fun to see the graph at the end. This month I'm at 50 (must haves) 20 (wants) 32 (savings).

Next month, once student loans are no longer in deferment, it's a different story: 64 (mh), 5 (w) and 31 (s). YIKES.

Almost made it

November 15th, 2005 at 05:40 pm

Hello, again!

Thanks, baselle, for the encouragement. Your words helped me not break out the card all weekend.

Yesterday was my birthday and I did buy myself a nice dinner. So, today when I got paid, I paid that credit card off in full. Feel a little disappointed that I didn't hold out until today, but not too bad. I knew I was dealing with a 12 hour distinction. The charge I made yesterday hasn't even registered on the credit card yet!

Here's the breakdown since last month:

Short term goals: pay off credit card debt (only one card left!), build up emergency savings, obtain a permanent job.

Long term goals: pay off student loans, fully fund retirement, purchase a house.

Debts: 7.9% cc -- 0.00 (paid in full)
0.0% cc -- 5750.85 (-50.06) TOTAL DEBT: 27,303.39
3.75% stl -- 21,552.54 (in deferment)

Savings: Emigrant -- 315.02 (+310.02) TOTAL SHORT-TERM SAVINGS: 330.95
ING -- 15.93 (-59.78)

TIAACREF: hmmm...not sure. Will have to check my statments next time.

It's Friday!

November 11th, 2005 at 08:55 pm

I am glad it's the last official workday of the week. Not that I don't have plenty to do over the weekend....
But I did six loads of laundry yesterday, so that's something I won't need to do.

I have been very frugal this week. I had 9 dollars to get me through until next Tuesday. Spent 4 and change on gas and 1.36 on groceries. Made a huge batch of vegetable curry and rice to get me through most of the weekend. And now have tomatoes to make tofu and mushroom sandwiches for weekend lunches. It has been hard, hard, hard not to break out the credit card and buy stuff! I know I have plenty in my pantry, but the thought that I am this close to the end of my money this month makes me want to stockpile. Plus I have a craving for pizza. :-) But I can wait until next week. Really. (I hope!)

Sending out several job applications this weekend. A bit nervewracking.

Sunday Evening

November 6th, 2005 at 11:37 pm

Greetings, Everyone:

Sounds like folks have been busy! Same on my end. I'm giving exams in two classes next week and finished grading the papers from last week on Friday. Teaching is FABULOUS. Grading sucks.

I get paid again on the 15th but only have 9.00 to get me through until then. Should be fine. Basically means that I have balanced my budget to a "T". But it is a little nerve-wracking being so close in this category! Glad all the bills are paid.

Things I have done to save money:
Got quilt hangers so that I can put one of my quilts over my draftiest window this winter.
Started my job application packet which is to be sent out on Saturday.
Made breakfast to reheat for the rest of the week.
Put lunches for the week in the office fridge.