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Saturday catch-up

November 19th, 2005 at 08:55 pm

'allo, all:

A busy week, though not expensive one. Paid several bills. Transferred my 0% cc balance to another card with 0% as the first one's intro period ends soon. Stocked up on the usual TJs pantry goods, so should be good with those for a month or two. Brought lunches and breakfast to work. And occasionally dinner. (Did I mention it's been a BUSY week...?)

Looking forward to going to see my sister and other family next week. It'll be good to see everyone and have a little break from work.

First frost last night! Hopefully I'll be able to keep my heating bills lower this year with the new 'curtains' and putting duct tape around the window edges.

Recorded financial things in the "All Your Worth" excel file someone kind person posted here. (Many thanks!) It was great fun to see the graph at the end. This month I'm at 50 (must haves) 20 (wants) 32 (savings).

Next month, once student loans are no longer in deferment, it's a different story: 64 (mh), 5 (w) and 31 (s). YIKES.

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