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Back from vacation

November 28th, 2005 at 11:34 pm


Had a good visit with sis and other family folk. Good to see everybody. The kids had tons of energy and we all had a blast at Harry Potter. And -- wonder of wonders! -- all legs of the plane trips went smoothly.

For me, the only spending was food at the airport and a new paperback. Less than 13.00 altogether. Oh, crud -- and the parking fee at the airport (39.00). Hmm...still, all things considered it was a very good week.

Bought my plane tickets for Christmas and for the January meetings, where I hope to have lots of job interviews. Must send out many more apps tomorrow.

Will be feeling the squeeze for the next two weeks. But, I've got almost all of the Xmas shopping done. Just three items left to get.

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