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Almost made it

November 15th, 2005 at 05:40 pm

Hello, again!

Thanks, baselle, for the encouragement. Your words helped me not break out the card all weekend.

Yesterday was my birthday and I did buy myself a nice dinner. So, today when I got paid, I paid that credit card off in full. Feel a little disappointed that I didn't hold out until today, but not too bad. I knew I was dealing with a 12 hour distinction. The charge I made yesterday hasn't even registered on the credit card yet!

Here's the breakdown since last month:

Short term goals: pay off credit card debt (only one card left!), build up emergency savings, obtain a permanent job.

Long term goals: pay off student loans, fully fund retirement, purchase a house.

Debts: 7.9% cc -- 0.00 (paid in full)
0.0% cc -- 5750.85 (-50.06) TOTAL DEBT: 27,303.39
3.75% stl -- 21,552.54 (in deferment)

Savings: Emigrant -- 315.02 (+310.02) TOTAL SHORT-TERM SAVINGS: 330.95
ING -- 15.93 (-59.78)

TIAACREF: hmmm...not sure. Will have to check my statments next time.

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