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Amazon Sale

February 22nd, 2006 at 09:39 pm

Just got a message that someone bought one of my books listed on Amazon. An extra $5 coming my way. It's all starting to really add up!

Other than that, I have saved money today by bringing my lunch to work. And tea to keep in my desk.

I've been wavering lately about the gift I had planned to get myself after I had defended. I had decided on some lovely (but expensive) plates, but am now wondering if I really want to spend that much on them. I do want to treat myself in a big way. And I haven't seen anything else I've like as much. What to do? What to do?

Just took a look at my seller's history on Amazon. Since last May, I have earned $253.00 by selling my used books and CDs. I'm impressed! And selling my books has also helped me curb my buying habits because I now know how little of a return I would get for each book if I did want to sell it later.

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